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Clean 4 Door 510 Wanted on west coast

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Looking for a clean 4 door 510, not a wagon though. Would like as minimal rust and overall as clean as possible. Some minimal work is ok...i dont care if the clock doesnt work or it needs new carpet or window seals.



Would entertain a trade for my 710 wagon, or up to $3500 k cash for the right car. I know it's not much, but i'm lookin for a bargain.



In California preferred. No ( rust )buckets, must run, be able to drive almost daily.



E-mail, post, or pm me with details.

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There's pics of of my car in the "other datsun" forum under the "thinking of selling my 710" subjeçt. I'll tranfer the pic links when I'm not on my phone.


Would you mind posting or messgaing me with the CL link? I looked but was unable to find it. Thanks!


Edit: Didnt see that your mention was of a wagon.

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