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Z22 parts

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I bought a Z22 so that I can build my L22 here are the parts that I don't need. Story I got from the previous owner of the engine is that it ran decent but had lots of blow-by and needed rings. Engine came out of a 720 4x4.


Cylinder head casting 07W looks like it has never been resurfaced. $35












valve cover $20




timing cover no pics but in good shape, haven't removed it from the block yet $15


all prices plus shipping

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There was no ridge in the bore so I think I can get away with just rings bearings gaskets. Plan on using my Comp Cams 280S if I remember right it is .460" lift. It ran real strong in my L20B with header, closed chamber head and 40 DCOE on cannon intake. Sounded like half of a SBC at idle. That engine got Nuked by a cracked radiator(I know better but I drove it anyway) I will probably need more carb for the L22 but at least I can get it running on the 40. I picked up one of those 4bbl. Offenhauser intakes several years ago............ hey if I run that with a 390 Holley maybe I can use my Nitrous plate, and a short time after that maybe I can inspect the rods without pulling the oil pan. :) Anyway what head would you recommend? I probably won't drive it during the summertime and if I do there is 100 octane on the pumps at a few places here in town. 5.99/gal. Ouch.

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