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Help with bagging the rear on my 620


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Tonight I was going to start working on the rear for air ride and ran into a problem. I bought a triangle four link kit and a frame knotch kit. Made some brackets for the air cylinders, yes I'm running air cylinders.

I have already done the front and works awsome (About 8" adjustable)

I was hoping to keep it real simple. Where the spare tire goes I have placed the air tank (5 gallon) and valves, compressor, etc.... Leaving no room for a reverse 4 link or relocating the fuel tank there.

So heres my problem how do I install the 4 link with the gas tank in the way? I really need to keep the trucks bed clear for daily uses like quads, taking a load to the junk yard, etc.. I do realise the frame knotch will be sticking out of the bed as well as the air cylinders. Once I'm done with it all I'll put a peace of sheet metal over it all to cover it so I don't loose garbage when going to the junk yard.

I don't want to do a real complicated setup because I don't have the time or the money. Can someone show me a picture and somewhat guide me through this?

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I would buy another truck to haul stuff in. If you are bagging your datsun you dont want to have your gas tank anywhere near the ground where any number things can puncture the tank. then a couple of sparks and your truck will have an awesome smoke flavor.

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