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power steering in 620

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I was going to ask the same thing but then I searched and still didn't have a straight forward answer. I personally know of a rack in pinion setup that just might work. before I say anymore I need to hold it up under the truck. I'll get back to ya on this.

ps welcome to ratsun

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look at 720 parts.....


I run a 720 frame under my 620 and have looked into it.


720 power box, trim inner fender, 720 steering col, 280ZX or RWD maxima pump.

electric fuel pump. IIRC the Z24 pump and brackets did not line up or had an interference (sp) problem.


just typed a long reply and somehow deleted it before I posted...:confused::mad::cursing:


if your really interested I can repost....


too late now time for bed...:sleep:

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