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Rust Proofing (opinions wanted)

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I am contemplating taking my car in for rust proofing.

For those of you in Canada, Krown is the shop I am looking at.

I own a 1969 510 with very little rust.

They explained the process to me and they apparently drill small holes in the doors, rocker panels, etc to inject this solution into the frame.


I am a bit skeptical about having this done.

Can anyone suggest or commento on this?



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To start with, the 510 doesn't have a frame. It's a unibody.

The "framerails" extend from the firewall to just behind the front seat. They are pressed from a thicker steel than the floors or the doors, and are less likely to need that sort of treatment (plus the fact that they have nice large drainage holes in the bottom). If you took the few screws holding the door panels off, the inside of the doors are very easily accessible. The front of the rocker panels already have access holes inside the vehicle and the rear of the rockers are very easy to access with the rear interior panel taken off.

It wouldn't be too hard to clean those spots and then drizzle whatever concoction you desired inside some of the vulnerable areas, and it definitely wouldn't require any drilling.

If you decide to do any rust-proofing yourself I highly recommend POR-15.

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