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KA Gurus needed....no rpm signal from ecu


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If you capable I would check back through the board but if not and even if so the easiest way would be to get a ecu you know is good and check it out.


ka ecus aren't expensive or hard to come by

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I keep forgetting the coast difference, ka's are way more cheaper/plentiful here. Still vote you check another ecu, even if it's just a buddies or w/e, takes 5 min to plug it in and know 100% where the prob lies.

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Look on Zilvia.net. They've had so many partouts in the past few months it's retarded. It's an OBD II so it's 96-98, obviously. Shouldn't be hard to find something for $50 or less.


Is it a 1995? If so, it's wired slightly different than the other OBD I's and isn't a real OBD II either... pain in my ass.

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