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Wagon FI Pump

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With the stock tank, I doubt you'd have any issues with fuel starvation. At the very least, you can install a sink on the end of the pickup tube (small weight that rolls with the fuel so it's always there to suck up fluid for you), but it should be find just dipped down into the bottom of the tank.


With my fuel cell, I'll eventually be doing a "swirl pot" with a low feed pump and an in-line 255lph, but for now unless I'm low on gas, I have no issues.

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if you use the stock tank with FI you will need some sort of accumulator tank in the system. or the vehicle will have starvation problems with less than 1/4 tank of fuel.


I've changed a carb. RX-7 over to FI turbo and helped a friend with a fuel injected 240Z and both had fuel feed issues at about 1/4 tank.


for the RX-7 a tank from a FI tank(GSL-SE) has a baffle inside that solves the problem.


for the Z an intank feed pump and small accumulator/ fuel pump set up (87 VW Jetta) solved that problem.

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