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B210 Fiberglass Dash Pad

Gauging interest in B210 fiberglass dash pads  

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  1. 1. Gauging interest in B210 fiberglass dash pads

    • I'd buy one for $150 or less
    • I'd buy one for $150 or more
    • I'm interested but I want more information on the product
    • I'll fix my own

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Trying to measure interest in fiberglass reproduction dash pads for the B210. I have a near perfect example to pull molds from and have a source for quality hand laid fiberglass here in the NW.


This is not a dash CAP, it's a fiberglass repop of the original dash and should mount like the original.

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I would totally buy one for a '79 210. The b210 style I've seen on ebay and... someplace. Don't remember where, but if you do a search there's a guy that makes them. Can't find anyone that sells the dash for a 79, which seems to be a standalone year as far as I can tell. If I'm wrong, someone please let me know, cause I would love to fix it. Looks like hell with all the cracks and such.

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Gonna' bump this. I have one very nice dash pad that I had hoped to use for reproductions. It appears the interest simply isn't there.


If this remains the case, the dash pad will be for sale when the poll ends. 1/11. It will probably go on ebay at that time to reach the widest audience.

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Do you still plan on listing the dash pad on Ebay?

I got one in real good condition! Has a little indent on the left side that is where I had a shift light clamped-ish on. Took it off the Pumpkn car and cut the dash back so I dont need it. Should I just bring it to the Vancouver meet on sunday?

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Ok, so I got 4 votes. I will talk with Troy again about this, maybe see about running 5-10 on my own. I really do think that the B210 and the '79-'80 210 will be relatively sought after within the next few years. Gas just keeps going up, and the A has several advantages over the L (IMHO).


I'll hold on to this one a bit longer, and see what develops.

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