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Picked up a Bunch of Brochures

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I went to the local car show,and a vendor had a bunch

of borochures for sale.He made me a deal - so I bought them all!


1972 Capri


1977 Ford Courier


1971 Mazda R100 "50,000 Mile Mazda R100"


Mazda B1600 (BNA 61) (Early '70's)


1975 Mazda lineup


1975 Rotary Pickup


1977 Rotary Pickup


1979 Mazda GLC


1974 Datsun B210


1980 Datsun 510


1978 Subaru (all models)


Early '70's Toyota Crown


1969 Toyota (all models)


Early '70's Crown


1971 Corolla


1972 Toyota Hilux


1975 Toyota Corona


1975 Toyota Chinook Motorhome Review


1976 Corolla


1972 VW Accessories Brochure


1971 Plymouth Traveler ( Reviews on different models)


1971 Duster & Valiant


1979 Dodge Aspen


1981 Chevrolet Citation


1980 Buick


1980 Pontiac


1979 Motor Trend review on the '79 Fords


1979 Mercury Monarch


1979 Mercury Capri ( magazine reviews)


1979 Mercury Zephyr


1981 Ford Fairmont


1981 Mercury Zephyr


1979 Mercury Marquis


1979 Ford Fairmont


1981 Mercury Lynx


1979 Mercury Bobcat



I couldn't pass on these - although I'm not sure what

to do with them.


- Doug

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