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77 celica trans swap, welder needed!

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So my other project is a 77 celica. I just swapped in a newer style trans and I need a little help modifying the cross member. Shouldnt be more than an hours work, if that. If youre in the north half of puget sound you should pm me and we can figure something out. I have 620 parts to trade for the work if that helps...

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why do you need to mod the x-mem?


the following is assuming your going from a W50 early 5speed to a W58 late 5speed.



if you can find a auto xmem of the same gen it will fit it makes up the difference. a A40 is the same legnth as a W58 i can prove it with pics and my wagon.


another thing to try is flipping the tranny mount 180 on the xmem, that will give you about 1.5in difference.



id try looking around at http://www.classic-celica.com (search is broken but google advanced works) and http://www.1stgencelica.com





or post some pics and with my stupid yota knowledge ill do my best to come up with a mostly bolt on solution :D




i did manage to bolt a 2xr hybrid with a super charger and a W58 into a 74 corona wagon, only drilled 2 holes.

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