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Volvo Garrett t3 turbo

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Just though I would list this here as well. Anybody want to turbo there datsun? Good for l20 perhaps? :D

I have a garrett t3 off of a volvo for sale. Got this from a friend. Looks clean, shaft play seems typical. Doesn't hit any of the side walls, the shaft play is barely more than a rebuilt unit that I have. No in and out shaft play, only side to side. Spins nice and smooth. All fins looks good. Missing a couple of the bolts on the exhaust and intake where the turbo bolts up to the center section. My friend opened it up to inspect it awhile back and everything looked good. Has been on the shelf for over a year. Oil and water cooled. i can see a couple cracks near the wastegate hole on the inside. this is pretty typical of a bunch of these used volvo units and I have been told this shouldn't effect performance. .42 ar on intake side and .48 exhaust side.

I just picked up a newly rebuilt unit, so this one is going. $100 shipped for ratsun only. or come pick it up for $80.




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Were did you get this turbo from? I need a Ratsun name please!


huh? I got it from a buddy of mine up in riverside. They come off of older turbo volvo's. Is that what you wanted to know?? :confused:

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