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F/S: 521 in Beaverton, OR -- $500

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This is not mine.


Went to see this truck today. Here's my take on it.



-Body is in great condition. Floorboards solid (even under the seat.) The only rust on the cab was under the battery tray. There's a small hole which is pretty common. Left fender has small hole where someone once mounted something (?)

-Kingpins in pretty good condition. Slight play.

-All trim is there and in great shape.

-Non-cracked windshield. All other glass intact and in good shape.

-Front bumper rates 8 of 10.

-Bumperettes!!! Yes, it has them.

-Nice, diamond plated tool box.

-Clean title. Tags good til 7/10



-Fuse block was cracked and owner was in the middle of replacing it, but never finished.

-4sp trans is busted. The shift lever is broken.

-Dashpad is in bad shape.



I'm going to be taking pics of this truck and will post them for the owner. It doesn't run at the moment because of the fuse block so I couldn't hear the motor. I urge anyone to take a look at this rig. PM me for contact info.



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Yea, that's him. Can you post the one w/ the tool box? The green parts truck is going to get stripped and scraped. We figured that this may be scaring buyers off. The whole, "how am I going to get rid of this thing," fear. Plus it really doesn't have anything of use on it.




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