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Can't Hook up new A/C condensor !

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I ordered a new Silla A/c condensor for my 720 pickup.

I had my mechanic try to put it in my truck last week, and he told me that the a/c hose fitting would not connect to the condensor.

He thinks that the hoses are not from an 83 pickup and the condensor that was in my truck that was bad was not even for my truck.

So now I have the correct condensor and the correct reciever drier installed, but I do not have the proper fittings to get hoses made up to connect these.

What is strange is that when I called the manufacturer of the condenser a tech told me the condensor was supposed to come with the proper fitting.

So I ws about to get the company to send me another one.

Sure eneough I got another one sent to me today and I looked at the part and it has the same exact parts as the last one I got.

Tommorow I am going to the one place in town that is my last shot that can possibly make up hoses and put the proper fitting/ends on them so they will connect properly.

Has anyone had problems like this before and what did you do to correct this ?

I have tried looking everywhere to find a/c hoses for my truck and they just can't be found anywhere at this point.

If anyone knows where to find these hoses or maybe has the fittings please get in touch with me.

I was told any 720 series hoses will work. So it does not have to come of of a 83' truck, just a 83-86.


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