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thanks so much for posting this!!!! my buddy is about to do one serious drive to buy the 4X4 if its halfway decent..... do you know the price?



looked at it a little closer while I was waiting to pay for my parts (it's parked inside, right next to the check-out kiosk)- interior is in pretty decent shape (didn't see any cracks in the top of the dash, neither the dash or console looks hacked up, minor splits in stitching in the outer edge of the bottom of the driver's seat, may have ac). Had a bed mount roll bar at one point, but it's gone; might have had some minor body work on the driver's door at some point.

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there you go ;)


are virtually identical (could be wrong, but I think dually kits for all brands of Japanese trucks came from one manufacturer, so all the fenders probably came from the same molds and were trimmed to fit the specific contours of the bed they were going on). The contour of the fender edge where it meets the bed will undoubtedly vary somewhat depending on the make of truck the fenders were originally mounted on, but the fenders are fibreglass so reshaping or trimming them to fit a different bed wouldn't be a major undertaking.


Early Japanese truck dually fenders aren't exactly thick on the ground - if someone really needs one or both fenders, these would probably be a better option than trying to patch up trashed units, and definately easier than pulling a mold from a good one and making a fender from scratch.

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