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620 truck canopy

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Portland area - around here (Sacramento) there are usually at least a half dozen small trucks in the self-service yards with decent shells on 'em. Since they're fiberglass, they don't have much scrap/salvage value, so they usually go cheap......... can't hurt to go look.

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yo man,


Go down to canopies unlimited on 82nd in portland.


talk to the owner, hes an old guy. I got my canopy super cheap and its decent. tell him the guy with the datsun in seaside sent you there, he should remember.



they have new stuff at a decent price, and some old stuff you could probably get at a good price. my canopy is from the 80s and they made sure everthing was in good working order before i got out of there, even thru in some free insulation that goes between the canopy and bedrails

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