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water in the cylinder


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hey i finally got my car running but it sucked water into the cylinders i pumped it out as best as i could by turnng the motor and i also sprayed air into the cylinders from were the spark plugs go. there was some water under the valve cover as well and i was wondering is there any particular way to clean up the head?? also is there anything else i should do before i put the valve cover back on and the headers and intake. i am already ordering a new gasket for the intake and header.

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When you changed the hg you dried the cylinders with a rag? You now have the gasket on and bolted down? Before putting the valve cover on check the valve clearances. Oh yeah... did you check for timing chain stretch?

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no no no i never pulled the head. i was wondering if its ok if i dry the head with a towel. the head is still on the block all i did was pull the valve cover, the plugs, intake and head off. I got the water out by pushing air through the motor. i was wondering is there anything else i should do to make sure i have all the water out and wont have that problem again.

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