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Used Mirror for my '74


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I got a quote from a junkyard today. $80 for that plastic mirror. I guess I'll just get some after market mirrors and put on there for that price!

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Nissan dealer: $20 brand new.


I called my local Nissan dealer and he said he can't get it. Would you check and see if your dealer can get it? I'd like both at that price. Can call them and pay via CC if they can ship it.



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For which vehicle do you need a mirror? 2008 Civic Hybrid, 2005 Pilot, 2004 GSX-R1000, or 2001 Shadow Sabre 1100?


Oh, a Wise Guy!:rolleyes:

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Datsun 620

* 96302-B5510 ASSY-MIRROR,DOOR LH $72.45

* 96301-B5510 ASSY-MIRROR,DOOR RH OP $72.53


With discount that would be $55-60. They are listed as orderable. The dealer has to try and see if is accepted, or maybe in a few days JAPAN will cancel the order. Maybe they know from past experience it is NLA.


So it looks like my mirror, except chrome. The flat gun metal gray for Datsun 1200 is $57 List Price. Hmmm, more than I remember.


Does it look like this?

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They are flat gray. For that price I may switch both for aftermarket. It's not like I'm trying to make it all original, just functional. I might go for black ones like I had put on my '73.


Thanks for the info. When I heard $20 I thought that was the way to go.

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