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So I decided to go down to work to get the 4 wheel drive tonight. Lugnut was with me. Its bad enough that my carb is starting to crap out but it was either the datrod or the kingcab with no tail lights. I put the battery in and we take off to leave. I start going across the bridge and lugnut gets stuck at the intersection cuz the carb crapped out and needed a bit to build up fuel pressure. I go across the bridge and turn around to go back to see if he needs help and he's then right behind me as i'm turning. So I yell at him and tell him to wait for me at the store. I go back across the bridge, turn around and come back. Now i'm driving my 1980 KC datsun 4x4 with no tail lights, expired plates, not even in my name yet, so i'm running thin on the wire as it is. And lugnut is driving my truck with no insurance since I have a broadform insurance policy. Well I meet lugnut at the store and regroup. A sheriff deputy goes by. We take off to leave, get around the corner to go up the back road then the datrod craps out again. I pull over to wait. He gets going, and then the 4x4 dies. He passes right on by, and I yell at him to wait but he keeps going. well. I wasn't getting any power. so i popped the hood. the previous owner had wired in a kill switch connecting the positive and negative sides of the battery and wired up to the terminals. So i pulled the other wire out of the kill switch, stripped them, twisted them together and got going.

Well, by the time i got to the corner, lugnut was coming back and we met at the corner and turned to go up the hill. Amazingly enough, the datrod made it three quarters of the way up the hill before crapping out. So I pull over and wait. He finally gets going and I tell him to get up the hill. I was gonna follow just incase I needed to push the truck up the hill. But I had to take it easy cuz my transfer case isn't bolted in, just kinda hanging. Lugnut gets up the hill in the datrod and pulls over. I went to pull over but he waved me to keep going. So I drove all the way to the field where I keep the collection, and lugnut finally made back there. All along, other then the county mounty, no other law officials in site. Pretty good for driving a rig with no tail lights at dusk and an expired plate.:D

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well, today i went to take a drive to go look at an old farm truck for sale. a 74 620 with a flatbed on it. it was suppose to be an easy 100 mile round trip at best and i was only going to be gone for a few hours. well I was heading up to the town where it was at and i had forgotten how far it was up the road and I thought I had missed it. so i turned around and to the last wide spot i passed and asked some one where this town is. they said its about 8 er 9 miles up the road. I was like, crap i turned around just before I got there.

So on I went, I followed the directions not completely to the T cuz I left them behind and ended up going the wrong way once I got to the town. I went a few miles out before I turned around and went on what looked like it was the route i was suppose to take. I finally found the road and turned on it. first house. not a vehicle in site. I was in a hurry so even though i wrote down directions and left them and wanted to get going i only payed half attention. So I went on to the second house and finally found it.

I looked it over. typical 1974 620 farm truck with a flat bed thats been sitting for quite a few years. probably has a blown head gasket amongst other work that might need to be done with it. So I stay there and bs with the owner and take off and head back into town I finally recognized where i was at cuz i use to deliver produce there. so i went to the next town over and was going to get on the spur and head straight back home so i could get ready for this weekend. well, I took the wrong turn, but it was a fortunate wrong turn at first. I was looking around wondering when I was going to get to the main road and spotted yet another datsun 620 orange KC. I stopped to go take a look at it, and the owner was working on his tractor. we bsed about it. he said it wasn't running at the moment. so we tried my coil on it with no avail since he thought he had everything narrowed down to electrical. its a 78 kc. will crank over start run for a bit and then die.

so i put my coil back on, bsed for a bit more and took off, and headed the direction i was going.

which took me all the way to cheney washington 20 miles out of spokane. all the time i'm driving i had no idea where i was. I figured i was heading to cheney i just didn'tknow when i would get there. finally got there, asked for directions, stopped by a friends house and headed home. As I got out of cheney about 5 miles my head light fuse popped. so i robbed my flasher andbrake light fuse to get me head lights until i got to colfax. Then I got pulled over for doing 67 down a hill in which the whitman county deputy told me it was no big deal. I wanted to play dumb and practice my rights but as i saw him go by i watched him, saw him turn around, and as he gained on me i finally pulled over before he had a chance to put his lights on. I told him i had no idea why he pulled me over, and then i told him to be honest my speedo is off and I haven't had a chance to calibrate it yet. I also told him I didn't have any break lights and asked him if he would follow me to colfax. but apparently it was fine and i think he was tailing someone else to begin with.

so i stopped gassed up, found some fuses and drove home with out any more troubles. the truck hiccupped a few times which causes me to wonder, yet if i had been heading towards canby, my 100 mile round trip road trip which turned into about a 229 mile round road trip, i could had made it to biggs junction by now. but I have decided for fuel economy sake and dependability, i'm renting a car to drive to canby this year seeing as how deerkiller is the only vehicle I have to drive of my own atm.

so see ya all at canby.

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