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My dads datsuns

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sweet. thats cool to see more people that datsuns have become a family thing. that '69 looks exactly like one of my dads roadsters.


He saved that one after it broke down, so it could be a father son project after I was born.

It got sent to the crusher by our landlord though when I was about 12.


Nice person.

(i still want to find the bitch and beat her with a smoked trout)

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Nice person.

(i still want to find the bitch and beat her with a smoked trout)


Thats my second hobby, apart from this damned truck.


Lol, your signature list is growing ever so rapidly!:lol: :D


Thats kewl that your dad is into Datsuns too. That makes it so much easier to get help working on it. After having to redo the head on my 2nd truck, my dad told me, "If you ever get another one of these, I'm not helping you!" Well I've had, well um shit, lost count, that many more, and have never had to ask for his help. Although he did let me use his garage when I took the motor out of the 200sx and put it in the 78 510.


But seriously though, if you don't add that second quote on here to your signature phirus, i'm gonna steal it. :lol: :fu: :D: :lol:

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