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clutch slave cylinder

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Those slaves are all the same. The self adjusting one uses a rod that fit on the fork that uses a cup. So when you bleed the clutch I guess it self adjusts.


The old style you can adjust yourself. But the clutch fork has a hole where the threaded rod fits thru.


You can use a so called self adj slave and just put the stock 510 threaded rod and ball on there.

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Im not getting what you want?

Use the Rod that works with the Fork arm you have.


You mention changing the fork arm to use the other ROD, Why even bother to do all that work dropping the trans.


The Clylinders themselves are all the same up to the 240sx.



Unless there is something majorly wrong here what you have should work


wrong T/O bearing and Or sleeve lenght

Fork arm is bent/broke

T/O bearing is jammed up inside.

Sytem is not bleed correctly

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i finally got everything working right, no more play in fork, new ckutch, slave cylinder. hose and metal line.. it has no air in system but no pressure,.,, :mad: cant get it into gear.. and if i start the car in first gear. tires spin with clutch in

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so. got a friend over today... i believe to have figured out my problem.. the the carrier for the throw out bearing is too small for the og. clutch.. when pushing clutch all the way in.. it bearly reaches the pressure plate.. so technically not engaging.. never had a problem with the roadster cluch... but i guess the plates are different??? so now i have to get a thicker to bearing carrier...

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