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720 standard cab vs KC question


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My friend, Nate, just acquired a 1982 720 KC. It needs a new front windshield, driver side door window, seats, dash, among other things. He found a 1983 standard cab 720 he can buy parts off of. I am wondering if most parts are interchangeable between the two pickups with the exception to things that are obviously different? Any help with this question is much appreciated.





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Unfortunately there were changes with the Z24 '83 truck. A lot was changed in the front suspension and driveshaft. The fenders and doors, windshield and seats should swap. Dash cluster won't but could probably be made to swap by moving some wires. The box has vertical tail lights on the '83 but the whole box could be changed? Motor will swap. Tranny will if you make sure the length is the same. Rear ends have different yoke and drive shaft. '83 have larger calipers and vented rotors and will swap if you keep the '83 spindle.


I'll look up some part #s when I get home.

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Thanks Datzenmike for the info. I forgot to ask about the wiring on the steering column, but from what you mentioned about the dash I'm assuming it's also different. I haven't even gotten the chance to really check out the pickup. I offered to help my friend get it going for the summer time. Hopefully I don't have to get on here much and bug you guys with questions hehe. I used to have a 521, but am more of a 510 guy myself. The newer style pickups like the 720 are still foreign to me. I'm looking forward to learning about them, though!





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