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200sx throttle cable??'s

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Hey guys,


In my pursuit of swapping my 78 Datsun 510(A10) over from the stock Hitachi down-draught carb to the twin Hitachi SU's I have come to the throttle cable. I need to make a bracket,and such to make the otherwise mechanical throttle work on a cable. The problems are two,maybe three-fold. But the one I am asking about now is I was told a 80-83 200SX cable is 10"-12" longer,and therefore should solve the problem I have right now,in that the stock cable is way too short. Anyone have a measurement of a 200sx cable? Also maybe a picture of one so I can verify it is the same style as mine. I am not opposed to using a non-datsun throttle cable if need be,but my thought is the factory unit should be better,and easier to make work. If you have one of these cables for sale that would help as well. The dealer local to me can get one for me at $35,but I am not going to order it until I know it will work.



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I have an '80 or '81 200sx cable. Here's a picture of it compared to a 720 truck one:


Top 720 lower S110



Here is the pedal end of the S110, it goes straight through the firewall...




... and the EFI end:





Here is the 720 pedal end. It has a curved sheath that mounts to the firewall to direct it towards the pass side. It is also the same length...




... and the carb end of the cable.



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Would you be willing to sell either one if they work for me. I don't think I need the pedal,but I will let you know. I need to get the one out of my car,and measure it,and look at how it mounts through the firewall,and such. Thanks for the pics.



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I took out my cable,and it looks to only be about 12"-14" long,so the one you have looks to be perfect to me. The thing is I think I do need the pedal assembly because the one in my car has a loop end unlike the one you showed that has the fork style end. I am not sure the pedal you have will mount to my car correctly,but it should,or shouldn't be too hard to make it fit. I am interested in the cable,and pedal from the 200SX if you want to sell it.

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The dealer local to me can get one for me at $35,but I am not going to order it until I know it will work.



Now you know. If I charge you $15 plus postage you're still getting an almost 30 year old part, and used too, with over 200,000Km on it as well! Get it new.


Talk to the parts manager. If it's in stock tell him it's a 30 year old part and get him to discount it to get rid of it. Remind him that every day he hangs onto it, it's costing him money to stock it. If he has to order it, try to get his dealers discount. The dealer makes about $23 on that part.

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I need the pedal though,and they probably don't have that. Unless you know of a way to use the new cable with the pedal I have which uses a loop on the end at the pedal instead of the ball,and fork your set uses. I am not opposed to using an old part if it is the right part that saves me time modifying things heavily.

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