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So I decided to shorten the wiring harness today.

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Lets hope the next time I go to start up the car it fires :)


not completely related, but i have shortened the harness's in motorcycles, the only thing that bothers me about teh process is i never pick up new terminals for teh connectors. I just cut/solder/heat shrink at a midway point. Whenever I look for terminal ends it seems there are quite a few different styles and by the time I buy the 20 or so ends i need and pay the shipping out to hawaii its 50ish bucks...One of these days i need to stock up on all the terminals and spools of wire and what not.


Anyways good luck with your project and hopefully it starts :)

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I didnt shorten the gray insulated wires on the KA harness though. I think some of them have multiple wires in them, from cutting up the rest of the tape.


my soldering skills got better as I kept going. I finally figured out how to tin copper, and it went to much smoother :o

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