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my brakes

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I was losing barke fluid in my master.Datsun 521 pickup

I changed a driver side rear wheel cylinder.

Drum was stuck,pounded it off. it was rusted on so needed a torch to heat it up. Broke drum using a 3pound hammer. oreder new drum.


ck passenger side brake find out the pass rear wheel cyl is leaky also. I changed this about 5 yrs ago.(made in Italy)


after swapping out the both cylinder and puttting new brakes I went to bleed the system. I used a whole bottole of fluid. I said soemthing is wrong.


well I called up my new buddies Datto510(eric) and Bucket(Tim) on Ratsun.

Icehouse(Jeff Hino) sold out and left me for Franks place so no more hired help there.


well they helped me bleed the system and it seemed like Eric was pouring a a kids bubble making fluid in there. as is was just full of bubbles. Eric noticed bubbles comming from the master. We said FUCK IT .I had another new master and after that it worked fine. The old one seem like it was leaky on the inside but when we took it off it uncliped itself from the inside and I assume it was pumping air from inside the Master.

I put another Made in Taiwan Reybestos Master on there so now I reset the clock.(see how long this one lasts)


Moral if this story.

DONT BUY Reybestos brake/clutch hydralic parts if you dont have to.Unless it says made in Japan.

All these components are made in Italy or Taiwan. all of these parts have failed within 6yrs of last install


I suggest buy Beck Arnley(or whoever) as most are repackeged Nabco or Tokico made products.


Unfortunaly I need them now and bought he cheapest stuff. I will order spares from Rockauto.com and buy the Jap made ones and they are priced just a little higher but at Schucks thay want almost 15$ more for the same part.(NAPA has become a supllier of Junk as well)

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