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so its been a while, but who's good at drawing and bored?

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damn title typo! skib, ya bored and want to fix that for me :-D


Im getting ready to get my tatt done and im trying to get it drawn up for me to get some ideas if/how i want to modify it..


this will be about a 6" diameter total.



I really like this one, but i dont like the pink, i think i want to turn that into some kind of flame. Oh and yes, thats a blacklight tattoo and this will be blacklight when im done if it doesnt cost toooo much.So we'll be using the pistons from this one. and on the left piston a simple ford across to look like it was from the dealership like that and on the right one i want it to say mustang.


I want the middle skill and the flames from this one over the pistons


And maybe some simple horns like these on it, not sure about the horns but i figure since im an evil asshole :cool:

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fixed title
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