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  1. Would you be keen on sending him a message for me? I can communicate via email, call text, instagram, forum etc. I just don't have FB and haven't for many many years.. Your help would be extremely appreciated.
  2. I had read about that, I am capable of fabricating if need be, I would just prefer not to if at all possible. If/when I start fabbing anything in the rear of this truck it will end up being IRS from an s13, Miata, FC or something similar. I bought my truck on a whim, and unfortunately it was WAY worse than I had thought so I need one of everything to make it work and would like to go with the path of least resistance, which would be some disc conversion brackets in my specific case.
  3. That was my first thought, and I have tried but came up short. Do you have any other means of contacting him? I do not have a Facebook. Thank you for the response!! Greatly helpful.
  4. I bought a very used 720 I have been rebuilding, amongst other things, and the torsion bar hardware is stripped and pretty much utterly useless so I need to replace it. The hooks on the bar are also bent on one side and the bar is pretty sad as it is. Basically, does anybody know of where to get replacement hardware AND maybe someone can point me in the right direction of purchasing new bars as a whole if they exist. It is an 84 720 2wd king cab.
  5. I have been searching all through the interwebs looking for options to do a rear disc conversion on a 720. I know the drums are adequate in regards to stopping power etc. but it is still something I would like to do if possible. I have an 84 2wd 720. A name popped up a couple times on my search that goes by Beebani, that may have made brackets at one point but can't find any further information. Anybody got anything else that they can help me with?

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    I am building a 720 pick up and am going a different direction with the build so there are some new parts I have purchased that I no longer will be needing. Vehicle parts were ordered for is an '84 Nissan 720 pick up King Cab 2WD. Quite honestly, if you offer me a lowball for all of it I will probably accept if you want some extra PM stuff for your truck. Everything is located in Houston, TX. NGK plugs and wires for factory z24 - $20 Bosch Oil Filter - $5 Bosch Fuel Filter - $5 PCV Valve - $5 Airtex Factory Electric Fuel Pump - $40 Remanufactured factory Carburetor - $80 Driveshaft center support bearing/bushing - $30 Thermostat - $5


    Houston, Texas

  7. Awesome! Let me know and I'll paypal your or something. Thanks for your response.
  8. Resurrecting my old thread... The part has since been discontinued and I cannot find any 720's being parted out locally. Anybody got any ideas where I can source one?
  9. Time Left: 5 days and 2 hours

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    Looking for a rear body harness for my '84 2WD 5spd 720. The part number I've found is 24015-10W01 Can be new or used


  10. Thank you for the response! I will see if I can build a harness now. But I also found part # 24015-10W01 which is available for sale, but it looks like there is a part # change midway through my particular model year so I’m a little nervous to buy the sub harness section and have it be wrong. Any way that number can be verified as correct? Thanks again
  11. Hey all! I have a 1984 2wd king cab 720 pick up I’m currently doing an engine swap on. I bought the truck in pretty horrible shape and have been piecing it back together since. I’m in the middle of sorting out the wiring but am at a stop at the rear section. The harness runs to the back and at the last part of the frame there is a five pin connector and then nothing. Looks like somebody took the rear harness out entirely! I’m lookjng to buy either that rear section or get a sechematic so I can build it so the tail lights and stuff will work. The rear plug looks like this: https://www.flickr.c
  12. Thank you! Very helpful. Anybody know quantity? Don't have the motor in front of me. It's 10 right?
  13. Need to know where to purchase some Main cap bolts for my z24. I have been searching for a couple hours with no luck. Anyone got any ideas?
  14. Dnatoli

    Hub Bore Size

    I've been searching a lot but can't seem to find an actual number other than that some wheels have to have the bore drilled out to fit. What is the actual size of our hub bore? 1984 720 2wd if it make a difference.
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