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  1. I want to but 15x8 Watanabes on my Wagon..Now I just need the money.

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    2. mrbigtanker


      I did


      Now your talking.

    3. Busta Nut

      Busta Nut

      Out of cash my ass.....you just got stoned and miss placed it....

    4. 69datsun510


      I see you liked my post on my rims set up. I have the old school 3 piece RS-8 Wantanbes. I even have the center caps, brand new NOS!!! I don't have them on the rims on my car when I took the pictures, the caps are on my son's car in the pictures. I did wish I could have found some 15" vs the 16", but hard to find a good set period. I did have the spokes powder coated. They still make the RS-8, but they are one piece now. I hope you find some, they would look...

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