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Someone in LA area,who would look at a car for me?

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I would like some help from some locals in LA-area.

I`m watching this -71 510 at Ebay,and I live in Norway,Europe.A few miles away:mad:.

I will pay via Paypal to the person who will take a look at the car in Fontana.

Looking for rust at the usually places is the main thing.





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Thats very good.Thanks.

Look at Ebay.com on this itemnumber:200134279586.

If you are close and its easy for you to look at the car,its awesome.

I just sent a mail to the seller for his Phonenumber.


Let me know .



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i CAN NOT get there before the auction ends :mad:


but yes i could do something for you.

have him pull the carpets and get shots of the floors F & R!


i also have the capability to tow (flat on all 4 wheels only) if you need it taken to the docks.

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Maybe you can store this car for me to late october Hang:D

If im buying this car or a another one in Socal area I would love if you Hang or someone else here at ratsun.com can store the car to Oct.My shipper is available to ship to Norway then.


I will ask for more pics.

Thanks again

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