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510 parts wanted...

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I need a driver's side shoulder belt for a '72 510... Wagon (or 4-door), I think the 2-door one would be too long. I have the rest, but the end is broke off on the shoulder strap so I tied the belt to what was left, it doesn't feel or look safe.


Also, I need a windshield, or at least an idea where to get one. Mine is cracked all the way across.


Less important I'm missing the fill panel between the rear bumper and body... for a Wagon.


I also need the gas/temp gauges, or if they had one the voltage regulator for the gauges. When it's warm outside, both gauges peg. Sometimes they work normally, so it isn't the senders. The both peg at the same time when it happens.


Lastly, a stock center console- when my car got converted to a manual the console disappeared and the floor looks plain ugly.

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