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Sd22 leak from priming pump help...


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His guys ,haven't been on here in a while ,but have been driving my crew (double cab) 1982 Sd22 720 a good bit during "THE VIRUS " and me and the family are loving it ,we are just heading up different country hills/forests and going for walks ,we have went to the bog to save turf and bring some home in the back .so very busy .Wayno I didn't get to sort out the fuel filter yet ,I have 1 on order so will change that and I have also changed glow plugs ,1 of them was dead when I checked them .I also changed the oil in the diffs with gl5 spec and will change the gearbox oil when I get gl4 oil ,anyhow I just flushed and changed the coolant and replaced the overflow tank. And whilst doing this I could still smell diesel fuel and traced it back to the fuel prime button as it enters the pump .Is there a leaking O ring or why is it leaking ?didn't want to investigate further in case I make it worse any help would be great ,thanks Wayno for all the help so far ,and I will post pics of our adventures when I get a chance ,my phone is full so will have to delete something and reupload postimage app again, pity you just can't upload from gallery on phone. Thanks in advance John from locked down Ireland... 


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