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  1. Go raibh maith agat a Mike, I didnt go prodding area with screwdriver as i drive it regularly ,but i think its a cut out and weld in metal patch ,ill have to grind off paint and investigate I had never heard of Naval jelly I taught you were joking..,are you Irish??? regards John
  2. Hi guys ,just going to address some small rust issues on my sd22 720 ,I have recently got my steel wheels powder coated white and new tyres,(must post some pics) ,anyhow ,There is a patch of rust under the battery tray (on the wing),you can see it in the wheel well it is only 35/40mm diameter (no hole but bubbling ) but is there any good way to repair that doesn't involve removing the 20 or so spot welds on the battery tray and taking out the tray ,haven't done any body repair before ,so im happy to chance some hidden work but even to remove the tray is daunting for me ,any hints or tricks wo
  3. Thanks For prompt reply Mike will try that ,at work at the moment so will check tomorrow,
  4. Hi Guys looking for location of resistor for heater fan and a fleabay link to the correct part or maybe i need complete unit ,any help would be gr8t....... regards the slow sd22
  5. His guys ,haven't been on here in a while ,but have been driving my crew (double cab) 1982 Sd22 720 a good bit during "THE VIRUS " and me and the family are loving it ,we are just heading up different country hills/forests and going for walks ,we have went to the bog to save turf and bring some home in the back .so very busy .Wayno I didn't get to sort out the fuel filter yet ,I have 1 on order so will change that and I have also changed glow plugs ,1 of them was dead when I checked them .I also changed the oil in the diffs with gl5 spec and will change the gearbox oil when I get gl4 oil ,anyh
  6. Hi Wayno you are 100% correct I had found the big rubber hose(Main feed) but it was the only one that didn't have a steel pipe on the end like the other 2 have. The other are flared at the end which I assumed incorrectly was supply and return, thanks for your help .why would that vent pipe be coming up to the fuel filter? You will have to excuse my questions I'm not a mechanic just a self taught numpty. Thanks again
  7. Hi Wayno thanks for quick reply, I know what I'm saying makes no sense ,I'll have another look and take a few pics ,I had expected that they would both be coming from tank .I'll take a few pics and get back to you thanks regards john
  8. Hi Guys I have a few jobs that need doing with my Double cab 720 sd22 .My first job is to set up the fuel system as it came out of the factory or at least to figure out why last owners removed the first (primary filter ) out of the system .I have two pipes coming up at the bulkhead where the brake/clutch master cyl is(Both of these pipes not connected to anything) .Is this where the primary filter should be?? is there a bracket ?? the strange part is that one of the pipes is teed off further down and goes to the injection pump and the other side heads back to the 4wd transfer case .(am i goi
  9. Thanks for that Charlie69, just bought it a few weeks ago so not driving it too much as I have to register it in Ireland.
  10. Hi Wayno thanks for all the information, no unfortunately I dont have a tachometer ,I have paper work that suggests the previous owner was going to get one but ,maybe it was too expensive. I would like to fit tacho and voltmeter .The throttle cable goes over to under the airfilter housing to a kind of diaphragm. I'm missing I of the fuel filters I believe there are 2 .
  11. Hi Wayno axel sn FS5W 71B HF51 ,it's not too loud in fifth gear but it's no race car ,I'm going to change all the oils in gearbox and 4wd axels, even though gear change is smooth. Is yours the 2.5 and you added the turbo?
  12. Hi Wayno didn't know they were rare ,no it doesn't have power steering, I nearly knocked over a wall last week when I was out for a spin ,the cab is in very original condition and in very good condition except for drivers seat witch is torn ,I'm very happy with it. The tub has aluminium sheeting rivited on to it and I was going to remove and see what the bed was like .it originally looked like the picture but I removed the top .I'm new to all this but I'm reading everything on the Web . That picture was taken at the top of keeper hill Newport County tipperary Ireland ,see what Google throws
  13. Hi I would Be Interested in this But I suppose shipping to Ireland would be nuts??? Keep Me posted thanks CicliDevotion
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