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Horn bar and signal cam info needed

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In advance of tearing into mine, I'd like to get some idea of what's under there so I don't end up with a non-functioning truck for 2 months while I'm trying to hunt down mystery parts to replace something I broke taking it apart to investigate in the first place.


Current issues-- the horn bar sits very lopsided after I broke it with my hand when someone rearended me a couple of years ago. I must have squeezed it or smacked it with the impact, and now the left side lays against the wheel if I let it, and the right side has about a 0.75" gap between it and the wheel. This created a perma-horn situation until I "fixed" it with a wad of paper crammed under the left side to hold it off. Aside from knowing it's a hack fix, it also means I only have a functioning horn if I hit the right side of the bar. And if the wad of paper happens to fall out, as it has done a few times, I have perma-horn until I cram it back in. I suspect there are a couple of standoffs on the back of the horn bar, but would like to see pics to confirm. Anyone?


Also, the signal cancel is getting weak. For left turns, it cancels fine, but it seems like the weight of the signal arm is almost enough to fall down into a left turn signal... almost. For right turns, it actually over-cancels and gives me a left signal as a result. I've gotten used to these annoyances, but they remain on my fix wish list. I imagine there's a typical plastic cam under there to handle the cancelling like you'd see in pretty much any other car from that era, and I imagine that the bumps on the cam are probably fairly worn down, causing these issues. Again, anyone have detailed pics of what's going on under there?


Are these parts I'm going to find somewhere or am I going to have to either live with it or do more hack repairs? Years ago, on another vehicle, I had a similar problem where the cam bumps were worn down, so I used JB Weld (my favorite product of all time) to build up the cam bumps, then file them smooth. It worked great. Maybe that's what I'll need to do here.


Thoughts? Blank stares?

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