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Maintenance actually accomplished!


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Don't get too excited... it was a minor accomplishment, but pretty huge by my standards.  I finally got around to swapping out the headlights for a set of bulbs I purchased over a year ago (yeah, I jump right onto those maintenance projects).


None of the old bulbs were burned out, but the low beams were starting to yellow a bit.  I used Sylvania Halogens (standard sealed beam units-- regular old H5006's and H5001's), and now they throw a much more crisp white light.


On a side note... one of the POs for this truck installed a low beam in the passenger size high beam hole.  Oops.  


Also... the "high beams" that came out are Koikos (of course, one is actually a low).  They both work.  Might someone have a use for them for an "OEM" look?  If you want them, they're available for the cost of shipping... but speak up soon, or they're going in the trash can.


/the end





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