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510 rear brake fitting on firewall question???


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From my research I have seen that fitting on the rear brake line connected to the firewall is some sort of bias for drums. Well I have a wilwood set up all around. Has anyone removed that valve with zero issues? I am going Sr20 and that clearance would help .

Plus if I have all disc brakes won't that fitting actually hurt performance sine it was made for drums? Thanks for any help.

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It's just a junction to connect the line from the master and to the back of the car. You can leave it, or bend up a new, single piece line from the master to above the differential; then have it split to each trailing arm. If you haven't already, you can remove the pressure switch/junction block on the driver side strut tower, next to the steering box. You probably don't have the wire connected to it anyway as most people don't know the purpose of it. Use a T at the master to split the hydraulic lines to each front caliper.

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