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what tires should i be using on my 1981 720 dual cab

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it has a mismatched set of tires and im completely lost as to what the point of it was. 


it has 


1x215/65/r14  on the back 

1x235/65/r14 on the back

1x 185/60/r14 on the front

1x 185/75/r14 on the front

1x 235/75/r14 spare tire 



i did end up getting a quote from a tire shop on 185/65/R14 x2 front and 225/65/r14 rear (have 2 classic cars that run the same but in 13 inch tires)


the new tires would be bridgestone R623  185/80/r14 (around 85$ each new balanced and aligned and fitted) 

and on the back i plan to use bridgestone 613V 205/75R14 (no serous quote yet but the idea is around $105 each

biggest problem is the back leaf springs may or may not be failing and the car rides extremely low 



heres two of the tires (i have to wait till tonight as im having someone try and find a way to grind off the fuel cap and not do any major damage to the body or the cap 


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We never got the 4-door here, so don't know the normal springs for those but it looks to me like you're missing leaves.  It's a cheap (though functionally terrible) way to lower the truck.  Usually there's 4 or 5 plus the overload, though some 1-ton trucks had 3 very, very heavy leaves plus a monster overload.  It looks to me like you only have 2 plus the overload,

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yeah it has a leaf pack out of an f150 it did an axle towing 11.5 ton around the same week this had "new" leafs put in. seems they drilled holes in the f150 leaf springs and installed them for 1150$ cant be sure and my boss wont call them out on it. last time we took a car there with a warped head they ramped up the rpms and cut the cable to the gauge and called it fixed. still pissed off at them a 2000 dollar problem turned in to a 13,000$ problem and a new 7.2L v8. im trying to do as much work as i can on my own ute now. wont let idiots like that touch it. but they did pass rego on 2 cars that dont even have mirrors on both sides and turned a blind eye to the fact when i took the 720 down it didnt have working lights. 

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