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Turboing an A12


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Hey guys,


I've stumbled across several turbo kits for smaller cars on Malaysia's ebay.


I'm keen on injecting and turb'ing my A12 '78 4 door sedan, as my original plan for an A15 swap would actually cost more (the vanette van, produced here til '09, has recently gone up in junkyard price).


I also think that the A12 has a lot of room for development, as my Scarlett's fuel economy beats the Mitsubishi based local Protons and some FI modern cars.


So therefore, my evil plan for world domination . The turbo kits (at 600 malaysian ringgit +- 200 dollars) for a full set including ECU, fuel rail and snail.


Problem? The kits are for 700cc daihatsus. I'm planning to use the intake manifold of the stock a12 for the fuel rail, switch to bigger injectors, custom up the piping.


Would that smaller turbo be effective at boosting my 1171cc engine? I know smaller turbos equal less lag, and the electronic injection would really up the economy. But izzit workable?


*edit* these daihatsu kits are for the locally assembled daihatsu/toyota cars, so parts are plenty. The other option is the proton/mitsubishi kits, but thems be pricier.


From Scarlett and Iski.

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