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Carb questions ??????????

Datsun fan

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Hey every body ! I'm back !!!


I have A15 A Nissan engine with 3N71B Auto gearbox the engine is well tuned, the performace was bad , and then , I took a look into the carb ( Hitachi I think ) and guess what !!!???? I found strange jets sizes and and more , they are as follows : the small air jet size is numberd 70

and is :"coupled" with gas jet size 101


the big air jet size is numberd 60

and is :"coupled" with gas jet size 130


Can you guys believe it ???

OK now ; I want to know the right sizes and combination , I'm looking for little economic and good perfomance setup , note that installed small and big air jets are not interchangable ! but gas jets are .

Any suggestions and info are appreciated ..............

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Those carbs are meant to pass smog and save gas...if you don't need to smog get a 32/36 weber. Don't even try to mess with the jets thinking that you will get "performance" because if you mess with one jet, you will more than likely have to mess with others.

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