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610 strut tower bar

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I am making a front strut tower bar/brace for my 610 and I have enough parts to make 2 complete bars.

So I was thinking of selling the other one to a fellow 610 person.

The end plates are laser cut steel with TIG welded tabs, and the center bar 3/4" OD steel tubing with TIG welded threaded inserts in the ends.

The bar attaches to the tabs with spherical rod ends. the bar is preload adjustable by twisting it, then tightening down the jam nuts.

the bar will be powder coated gloss black, and the end plates will be powder coated texture black.

I would have to ask $100 + shipping. I dont plan on making any more, because they are too time consuming. Anyone interested?


Heres a picture of the one I used to make for 510's. The 610 one will be indentical except for the powder coating and the length of the bar itself.



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Guest jaimesix

Hi Aaron.


I am in, I would like to purchase it. That would be the perfect addition to my suspension I am working on currently, trying to have the ride ready for JCCS.


Send me a PM, I will send you one, cool.





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Guest jaimesix



I have both cars. The strut towers are same, same strut assemblies and suspension. The 610 is a wider car, but since the suspension is same, I have to corroborate.

I know the front sway bar works on both same ( only the rear one is diff, one car is IRS, the other is Hotchkis spring )...I will make sure once I get it here. It will be a great piece of information to have for all 710 guys.



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