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620s with 18s

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Ok, i really do hate starting new threads on shit that seems to be googleable, but my search skills aparently suck, im probably not tryping the right criteria, or they really dont put 18" wheels on 620s....

ANYWAYS...im coming to that point in my project where im starting to look at the body. copeland's build with 17s looks pretty nice, the wheel seems to fit the body well. I want to bring the wheel into the body more though....like so....





I dont have a set of 18s that i can roll on the side of the body, so im looking for pictures to judge if its possible to make it look proper without tucking and doing the lowrider thing, or if its just a waste of time.


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Oh sweet. For some reason I was under the impression that titans were 17s.


That rabit is just to show how much the second picture receded up the body line. I dont know why I didnt look for a 620 example. I dont think many builds have done flares that run upwards on the body line.

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got it.... the black rabbit looks heavily modified to me.


the Z flares generally seem to be put on a bit higher than the stock wheel opening for obvious reasons. 


I have a love hate relationship with 18's....... it has a fairly large OD of 25" .... which is good & bad I guess.


I love those Rabbit flares & have toyed with the idea of using them on my 620 .... I dunno. I've got other priorities at the moment but I sure would like to see it done.


this is Rabbit flares being done on a 510....... http://community.ratsun.net/topic/41542-jordans-72-tubbed-sr-510/page-3

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No shit? I didnt know he was useing rabbit flares, I guess I need tk read rather than looking at pics. I wanted to fab my own flares up, but im thinking that may be beyond my current skill level.


Some 18s look a bit large compared to the body, but I think increasing the well size will balance it out. If not ill just get some new fenders. Hahaha.

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