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VG30 vs VG33 ECU'S and TRANNYS


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So help me understand.. Is are the ECU'S paired up with the trannys as well as the engine? 5 speed manuals that is... Could I use a VG33 engine out of a truck and the 5 speed out of a 300zx (pre 90's) Does the ECU have anything to do with the tranny? I mean I could see how it might if it was an Automatic, but... anyway.... whoever knows anything about the VG series please chime in.. trying to make a decision on an engine and tranny... the tax check is clearin the bank.

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I am slowly working with a vg30/auto from an infinity. And the tranny is on a separate ECU. The couple of sensor wires get split and feed both ecu's. But i have found nothing that goes from the tranny ecu to the motor ecu. I know this is about the auto trans, but it kinda seems to me that the motor ecu could work on either and not care what trans it has behind it.




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Could you take some pics of your VG30... if its out of the vehicle that is... one from each side... straight on, on from front.. one from the back.. and could you place a ruler next to it in the photos so I can have an accurate scale???

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I could try to do some pics, but can't for a few days at the earliest.

What are all the measurements for?




Trying to get an Idea in my head, of the size and shape of the engine as Im considering it for a swap, more specifically whether a Turbo would fit... but dont worry about it i found one at my pap im going to mearsure it myself.

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