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Summer's End Flash Mob Car Show! 9-8

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Somewhere near Seattle,Wa ! We have full permission to use the location and will have food and drink on location!

Get ready for another Huge Flash Mob car show! We had over a 1000 cars and bike show last time and this one should be even bigger! More details to come soon!




Video of the last one...


We are looking to have the BIGGEST flash mob car show in Washington. We want imports, classic cars, rat rods ,exotics, drift cars, trucks, motorcycles, if it's on wheels we want it to show up!

The main objective for this Flash Mob is to bring together some cool cars and have fun! To make this work we need everyone to spread the word and make it huge! So share on Facebook, email your car clubs, tell a friend, whatever you can do!

Here is a few examples of what we are trying to do..


Please remember we want people to have a good opinion of the car community, so no racing, revving motors, burn outs or anything that could bring negative attention to us.

We have several clubs, forums and media outlets that are going to be there. Should be huge with tons of media exposure.


For those that don't know, the purpose of the "Flash Mob" car show is not to reveal the location of the event right before it happens! We gave you a date and general location. Goal is to be in that area around the time given and then we will let you know where to meet a few minutes before. Part of the fun is not knowing and having a mass amount of cars roll in to one place unannounced. Please remember if we want something like this to work, everyone needs to spread the word and when we arrive we need to be respectful to everyone including cops. Also if we do show up at a business, spend some money! Hard to kick people out when they are making money!





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