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Selling my 1970 521

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She is up for sale. I am located in north idaho. I want to offer her somewhat locally and am reluctant to put it on e bay since I haven't had that great of success in selling rigs there. Here is the link to my craigslist post. I took an oath when I bought her from the original owner years back that I would keep her looking good, imrprove upon her and make sure she has a good home when it is time for her to move on. Her name is "Miss"understood


Thanks for looking


Bill http://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/790358323.html.

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Any input here? price etc? do i need better pics or a different explanation? I am not necessarily trying to sell it to you guys, i just want to know if i am way off base on anything.



a bunch



Since you asked- obviously one man's opinion but:


Your ad is way too long and personal. It obvious you really care about the sweat and love you put into the truck, but no one else will. Just stick to the facts and explain why there's no tailgate on the truck. It sounds kinda bizarre and conspiratorial. To me $4K seems high for a Datsun minitruck/lowrider, but the market could be there. But for $4K, it should be complete, not needing a couple more panels painted, etc. Check out the ad for the resto the guy in Oregon did- that one I get, $5K for a finished, complete, stocker. Because you customized your truck, it's going to be a tougher sell. You're going to either hang on to it for a long time until someone with similar tastes like yours comes along, or you gonna have to drop your price to the point where someone can repaint it and get close to the market price for a Datsun mini. Not impossible, but will take time.

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