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Need Help!!!

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So Im new to cars and am just touching base with what do what in the engine, suspension, etc. I got my first truck, an '85 720 and it came SLAMMED. My dad made me take it to the shop to get a check list of what needs to be fixed or replaced and they said something on the lines of it being to low and the tension rod wasnt doing anything and that the boot for it was worn and that the truck needs to be lifted. I dont want that to happen so Is there any way I could keep it as low as it is and not have that boot ware away? 
Thanks in advance!!! 

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First thing to do...post pics.


Here is how your intro thread on Ratsun works.


1. Post pics.

2. Answer questions.

3. ???

4. Profit.



Now for your question...Just replace the tension rod bushings. Only need to raise it to replace the parts. Release jack-slammed again.

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