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1979 210 Wagon radio wiring

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Hey everyone,


I just acquired a 1979 210 Wagon in beautiful, mostly original condition. I'm trying to add a new stereo while leaving the old radio in since I don't want to make cuts in the dash, and I want to preserve the vintage look.


I disconnected the original radio from the harness on the car end, and now I'm trying to figure out how the car's wiring connects to the new unit. The harnesses aren't compatible and the wiring color is completely different. After a little experimentation, I've already blown a fuse, which I've replaced, but the dashboard lights are still out. Maybe a fusible link got blown somewhere as well?


In any case, the car wires I'm trying to connect to the new unit are as follows:

Black (I assume that's ground?)
White (I think this and the next one are speakers)
Green/Yellow (ignition?)
Green/White (memory?)
Blue/White (???)


According to the electrical schematic in the Haynes manual, the Blue/White wire goes to something labeled Stereo, which is different than Radio, which is also on the schematic and has the previously listed wires coming out of it. Very confused.


Based on the schematic, the white and black/white wires are for the single dash speaker. The black is ground. I just can't figure out how the Blue/White, Green/Yellow and Green/White wires should connect to the new unit.


Any help would be appreciated!


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Easy way to do this is get yourself a volt meter and test the wires for power, with the key on and key off.

i want to say blue/white is ign power but don't quote me on that.
and as far as i know you'll have to run an extra wire to batt for memory.

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