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  1. Yeah i hear it, that's why i miss the old days... its just so hard to arrange anything these days because of are conflicting schedules. Nowadays my dad is so busy, he works graveyard shifts so most of the time when i come by he's asleep or out if its his day off.
  2. When i was young my dad would always buy Datsun's. He had bought other cars such as, a Chevy luv, VW rabbit, Ford aerostar, 2 Dodge ram 50's but he always preferred his Datsun's over all of them. Most likey due to the fact he referred to all of those other cars a unreliable piles of shit compared to his Datsun's that he had payed less for. The first Datsun my dad had was a orange 240z i don't remember this car to well because i was very young at the time. (this was around the early 90's) my dad had all the era correct mods for it, aftermarket mags, front air dam, he even took it down to the ship yards where he worked and pulled the engine and trans out with a forklift so he could replace the 4 spd with a 5 spd. Unfortunately after i was born my dad would drive the z less and less because it wasn't a family car then one day some kids smashed the windshield and at the time my dad didn't have time to deal with it he ended up giving it away to some kid in the neighborhood. To this day i still give my dad shit about how he should have kept it for me. LOL After that my dad bought a red 620 which he put a ugly black canopy on He drove it for a few years until it got stolen at a Seattle Denny's Awhile after that it was found, i remember going with my dad and seeing it it was in some Seattle car park with its front end smashed into a lamp post. I remember my dad being pretty pissed not just about the truck but also about all his cassette tapes that had been stolen... that shows how long ago this was... haha The next Datsun was a early (i think 1982) primer gray 720 KC he bought it off a rather sketchy guy off highway 99. I say sketchy because when my dad was cleaning the 720 he found a rather large zip lock bag full of weed under the back jump seat lol the 720 was driven for years and years, my dad racked up tons of miles on it he even had a trick for making it pass emissions he would tune the idle down really low then have them test it, if it didn't pass he would drive around the corner and try again until it did. Third time was usually the charm... :rofl: My dad liked the 720 so much he started to look for another one one day he saw one for sale in the paper, it was a Brown 83 720 KC for 800 bucks my dad called the guy and we went to go check it out a week or so later. We pull up in the gray 720 and there it was sitting it this guys yard my dad knocks on the guys door and talks with him a bit he tells my dad that he had bought it for his son from trucks plus in Everett but his son didn't really like it or take care of it that well. It had been sitting for a bit so dad asked the guy if we could take it to a mechanic to have it looked over, the guy agreed and said he had a ''good'' mechanic that he went to. So we go up to the shop and while the mechanic is pulling the the plugs to compression check the engine he breaks one of them off, this mechanic must have been having a really bad day or maybe he didn't like Datsun's because he stood up and yelled FUCK!!!! and thew the wrench at the back of the truck denting the bed. Dad proceeded to look at the guy that was selling the 720 and had just recommend us this ''good mechanic'' who was just as shocked as us and said I'll give you 500 bucks for it. the guy agreed and a few days later we came back with the gray 720 and a u haul trailer and towed it home. (yes you heard right, the little gray 720 had no problem towing it) A few weeks later my dad had extracted the plug and got it running, after tearing off the big yellow and orange 4wd stickers on the side we took it for a drive the owners son had not taken the best care of it as it liked to burn a bit of oil on start up but it was a good truck, we took it everywhere camping, hunting, 4 wheeling, i had a lot of great memories riding in it. dad would even let me shift gears for him when he would pick me up from school. A pic of the 4wd 720 Eventually the gray 720 was sold after it had done 200,000+ something miles and needed a new clutch among other things and my dad then bought a 85 720 2wd also in brown which served as work truck and daily driver for about 15 years after the 4wd 720 started to experience fuel problems and was parked. By the time my dad had sold the brown 2wd it had 400,000 miles on it after that my dad bought a dodge witch was a big POS and the 4wd continued to sit in the yard, i was always hoping he would get it fixed but the years passed and it just sat. eventually we had to move, so he had me post it up on Craigslist for free. some guy came and took it a few days before we moved with the intention of getting it to run again i have no idea what happened to it after that... I remember the day i watched it get towed away it was a pretty sad day for me to be honest, that truck was a big part of my childhood and basicly brought me and my dad togather it also is one of the reasons i got into cars, because i would always watch my dad work on it. I never really get to see my dad nowadays and if i do we don't really hang out or do anything like we use to he got boring and started driving Toyota's haha I always gotta smile a bit when i see an old Datsun pickup in traffic or just around town. The last pic i took of it just before it was put on the tow truck
  3. About 4 or so years ago i met the original owner of this car in Ballard she was a very nice older lady. Not to long after that i saw it up on CL with some transmission issues glad to see someone saved it!!! :thumbup:
  4. 1978 datsun 280z 2+2 auto trans about a week ago i replaced the coil ran good no issues Then three days ago i replaced dist cap and rotor, in the of removing the old coil wire from the old cap the metal contact on the wire split from corrosion on the connecter. so i went and got a set of nappa wires (the only place open at the time) put the new wires on then drove down to the gas station where as soon as i put it in park it died and would not start again. found that it had no spark, fast forward to today put in a new ignition module took a few tries but it started but then it kept stalling out at idle, but i would start up again just kinda rough. Drove it around a bit ran good then went to the gas station and when i put it in park it did the exact same thing it originally did. waited a bit and i got it to start, then it died at idle again and would not start up, when i was cranking it i could hear the ignition module clicking so im guessing its ok. could the cheap nappa wires have something to do with this?
  5. I'm guessing yours is cracked down the middle like what happens to all of them... you can use a shift knob off an 80's maxima they are leather wrapped so they aren't all cracked like the normal plastic ones.
  6. Oh and when i removed the fenders the front side markers were not even hooked up.
  7. Yeah i noticed that too, but when i checked the ID plate it said 8/81 maybe someone switched it out? or converted it to round lights? it also had the 80's dash.
  8. http://row52.com/Vehicle/Index/JN1PB02S6CU685841 82 datsun 210 tacoma P&P Auto trans with black interrior in good shape. engine is all there, took the front fenders, defost switch, e brake sourond, coolent over flow bottle, driver side door hinges and rear filler thing that goes in front of the rear bumper.
  9. Easy way to do this is get yourself a volt meter and test the wires for power, with the key on and key off. i want to say blue/white is ign power but don't quote me on that. and as far as i know you'll have to run an extra wire to batt for memory.
  10. dato

    Twisted Red 73

    YES!!!! you saved it!!! :w00t: i saw this car a few years back in Bellevue and loved it. Not to long after that i saw it on CL when it got wrecked, im so happy to see it being fixed! :thumbup: Here's a pic of when i saw it about 2 years ago.
  11. Have you had the starter bench tested? i had the same problem in my 85 mazda 626 the ''new'' starter was defective and would crank the engine over really slow, when it got hot it wouldn't even work...
  12. Not mine. 1980 Datsun 810 http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/ctd/3681831471.html Listed as a 720 LOL! :rofl:
  13. sweet 720!!! and for anyone thats interested it looks to be a grant 5 bolt hub you can buy them here http://www.thepartsbin.com/sitemap/nissan~steering_wheel_installation_kit~parts.html also i believe the wheel is a grant gt series http://www.mooreparts.com/store/product/4868/13%22-3-Spoke-Steering-Whl-Pol/?gclid=CLPNzt7uwrUCFYx_Qgod41gA-A
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