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1985 Nissan 720 with 103k orginal miles for $500


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I just picked up this little gem the other day. It will get a: desmogging, weber 32/36, thorough tuneup, and fluid flush. The guy had it in the local Craigslist for $700, then dropped it to $500 the next day. In the ad he didn't say that it wouldn't start so he had a LOT of calls from folks wanting a running truck. Me, I'm weird, I wanted a non-running truck! Its got an auto and some damage to the passenger fender and door, but BARELY has any rust and has what looks like a nice original paint. Auto tranny which I don't like, but for the money... I'll suck it up!


Anyway, so I show up and the body is so nice I don't even bother to start it up. I just tow it the 10 miles home as-is. I mean nice body and clear title, what more could I ask for @ $500. If it happened to run, then that would be gravy. Get it home, slap a new battery in it, turn the key and... nothing. Not a gurgle or sputter, nothing. Key alarm dings, but headlights won't come on, so battery is connected to SOMETHING and since I know IT has a full charge, we head tot he fuseblock next. All the fuses are good, but when we pull them out one at a time a few of them looked like they had gotten wet and/or had corrosion on them. A little thumb-polish and they were popped back in. Car cranks and cranks and then finally starts up and then backfires LOUDLY! Wait a minute and fire it back up, this time it idles just fine. Yard drove it a bit, but then it decided to flood out whenever I put it in reverse. That is where I am at now.


Next up is the full tuneup, rip out all the smog bullshit, and then put in an ol' Weber 32/36. Here are some pics.







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