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Question about Dorman Axle and Spindle Hardware Kit 05199


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I am trying to get the this replacement hardware kit so that I can put new rotors and front bearings on my 810 wagon, but it is very confusing trying to figure out whether I need 1 or 2 of these kits. Do you guys know if 1 Dorman spindle hardware kit kit comes with 2 sets of hardware, you know for BOTH sides of the car? Everywhere I have been able to find this kit there is nothing specific to tell me whether I need to order one or two of the kits! Thanks in advance.

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Yes, but here is where it gets confusing: http://www.outdoorpros.com/Prod/Dorman-Motormite-05199-Axle-and-Spindle-Hardware-Axle-Spindle-Nut-Kit/49050/Cat/1268 This link shows two kits in the picture and they actually have it in stock. So which is correct? Does anyone know from experience buying these kinds of kits from Dorman? I really hate when stuff comes in pairs and they never tell you. Rockauto is notorious for this and I have a huge box of parts I won't use any time soon because of it!

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Hmmmm, that's interesting. Call Dorman and give them the part number. I know at AZ those only come in a single set per spindle, and that's the identical P/N that we list. It would be weird for them to sell 2 to a kit, under the same P/N.


Dorman is pretty much a common name in most Autoparts stores (or at least the ones that know what they stock) so if you present that P/N locally, they may be able to shed some light and get it there. 

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Cool, thanks. If they usually come one set to a kit, I'm jsut going to order two to be sure espcially if the part number means one set. Worst case senario I have two of them, but I just found the pictures and lack of specific info as to what exactly comes in the KIT odd.

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