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My first 240z build(rb20)

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Whats up ratsun im steven Ive been a Member here for a few years mostly lurking threads learning the ratsun ways. i know you guys like pictures so i will make sure to post some. this isnt my first datsun so i know it wont be easy and it will take some work. shit my first car was a 510 still have her.  I never had a build thread for my 510 but I want to share my 240z build. well first of all i picked up this 240z from a local seller he wasnt sure on the year but i figured i was an early 240z because of the rear hatch and and the interior. well anyways i decided to take the car home and it came with an L28et and a 5 speed trans. it seemed sketchy because the guy had no title but he later mailed it to me which was awesome. the car ended up being a 71 after cleaning up the door jamb plaque and getting the title. I got this car about a year ago i just havent started working on it because i wanted to get my 510 reliable again and do some work. well anyways ive lately started focusing on this project. i want to get it running already but i want to do it right the first time so i dont have to do it again.

plans for my 240z are to rb20det swap it because i got one for cheap haha

-full body and paint restoration (not sure on color go blue or charcoal grey)

- s13 megan coilover swap 

- adjustable lca's

- full suspension

- fuel cell

- new floor one side (p.o. did a crappy job)

-i want to flair to flare the car but might not i dont want to cut up the body its pretty straight

-as of now i wanna paint the engine bay so i can start putting the engine in

i just want a clean simple low 240z

lets see where this project goes. im still looking for the pictures of when i brought her home

its a 71






test fitting everything.




tearing apart the body for paint work



first fender to come off. no major rust just light surface rust. score!


worst of it



other side to come off no major rust issues. just a little above the frame rail.



found this on the fender thought it was pretty cool


and on the valance





floor of the car


other side crappy floor replacement



and of course the little RB20


and of course my 510


its my first 240z i hope all goes well. most likely this build will go slow so be patient for updates.







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