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'72 Z wheel fitment


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What's up guys, haven't frequented here in a while, sad. Anyways, have a good line on a set of Rays Gram Lights, 17x7, +33 offset, and was wondering if anyone knew off the top of their head if they may fit. I will not have a chance to check fitment personally, and the car itself is torn down for a SBC 406/t-56 swap and suspension work so I couldn't do much anyways. Here's what I have at the moment:


'72 240z

Front/rear fender flairs

3.54 R-200


Wheels are almost too good of a deal, $650 brand spanking new, guy just brought them back from Japan to find his wife sold his car! Any help would be awesome, the '69 Patrol project wrapped up early this summer and I finally have my motorcycle where I want it, time for some love for my first car!

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Not a chance....


A set of 15x7 Enkei 92 wheel's with 225/50/15 Falken tires rubbed both of my front lower spring perch's with a +20mm offset.


Stock offset for the 1970-1978 car's is 0mm, I wouldn't go more than a +15mm with a stock strut/spring suspension.


Also since you already have fender flares on the car those wheel's will be sunk in way to far as will any other + offset wheel, a quick search on here or over on hybridz should give you an idea of what offset and backspacing you'll need to fill in the G nose flares if those are the type of fender flare's your running.



You could use some crazy wheel spacer to space the wheel out to fill the flare with those +33 wheel's but I wouldn't ever trust a wheel spacer on any car. ( can't stand all the cheap people who run those spacers and actually drive near me on public streets with them! )


I'd pass on them and find a proper set of wheel's that will fill in the flares without needing any spacer's at all.

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