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  1. I would be very interested in a set of 6 coasters. 2 each of Rat and Wrenches, rising sun, and a "Z" logo would be awesome, I'll shoot you a PM with some info.
  2. Mr.Woof's72z

    Gearhead Shirts - bitchin' shirts thought I'd share

    Thanks for the url, I figured he was a member but I didn't know there were already threads about it. Guess I don't peruse Ratsun as much as I used to and/or should...this will change.
  3. Mr.Woof's72z

    Sightings 2, the not a datsun but... Thread

    Boss's '55 Chevy, all snowed in... My dog taking a glam shot as I was trying to snap a picture of this Chevy sitting out
  4. So I got a couple shirts from these guys (actually, this guy, he runs it on his own). Awesome stuff, good logos, and can do custom orders if enough interest is put out (I asked about my Patrol). Here are the three that I own: Anyways, I liked them, sort of hard to find "unique" shirts... Edit: forgot to add url : http://gearheadshirts.com/ And facebook for those who use it: http://www.facebook.com/ghshirtshop?ref=ts&fref=ts
  5. Mr.Woof's72z

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    Denver Bronco's 620. If I had a boat it'd be mine... http://denver.craigslist.org/boa/3657453943.html Uploaded with http://imageshack.us'>ImageShack.us
  6. Mr.Woof's72z

    I'm new and I have a lame question!

    Pick up an E12-80 out of a '79-'81 280ZX. http://datsunzgarage.com/engine/ has wiring diagrams for the E12-80 into the 240/260. I run an MSD Blaster II into an E12-80 out of an '81 ZX, so far it seems to be the best combo between price and performance. That datsunzgarage website has lots of useful info as well, and welcome to the Z side of Ratsun!
  7. Mr.Woof's72z

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    '69 510 2 door in Colorado Springs. SR20, turbo'd, looks like a clean build, not familiar with 510's so do not know if price is fair ($20k) http://cosprings.craigslist.org/cto/3149593086.html
  8. Mr.Woof's72z

    Two wheels...better than four? *Caution...boo boo's*

    Twin headlights were the "superbike" status for me as well, always loved the way Triumph's looked, but never had the cash. Bought an FZR600 as my first sportbike, and ran that thru the ringers for a year and half. Loved that bike, love the frame, hated the carbs. Told myself I'd never have a bike with carb's again, found the TL with dirty nasty '97 mapping and fell in love. Congrats on the FZR1000, they are faaaast bikes that few people know about!
  9. Mr.Woof's72z

    Two wheels...better than four? *Caution...boo boo's*

    Valdez - LOVE LOVE LOVE Banshee bikes, that Scream was an '04 with a 888rc, one of my first DH bikes. Hucks like a hoss, but way outdated for my needs, I used it as a loaner until I sold it this season. Still have my Morewood Izimu (race rig), Canfield Balance, Sinister R9 (race/huck rig), and trying to find a hardtail DJ to build. Str_69 - yes, unfortunately, it was on the TL. Early season rides in Colorado leave lots to be desired when you get a little off the apex of turns. I was helping a friend move from house to house, maybe 2 miles away. Wore all my gear down there, but was swealtering just helping him move stuff back and forth between houses. Ended up taking my gear off, just riding in a sweatshirt/jeans (obviously a helmet/gloves/shoes) and hit the inside of an apex that was filled with sand. Literally slid sideways a lane and a half before I barely kissed a concrete median. Bike went straight, didn't tip, and I superman'd it onto the cobblestone median. Oh well, things get fixed, holes get sewn up, and my love for two wheels continues. And the TL is a bike I will have for LIFE. I will rebuild everything on it. The torque! Oh the TORQUE! Power commander, airbox mods, bitubo rear suspension, M4 cans coming soon, this bike is, and will always be, a beast! Thanks for the kind words to heal up. It's been a while since I've frequented Ratsun, all the wounds are scars now, the only real issue is the shoulder as I dislocated it again 3 weeks after the crash, racing DH out here. I feel this might be a once-a-year type of injury, it sure is loose now...let's see moar bikes! And motorcycles! And Datsun's on two wheels (or only have two wheels on)!
  10. Or just easier to tip over!? It's a little bit of both for me... Post stitch-up: Chunked the knee: The culprit (plus my fat ass of course: The other culprits (not this particular injury, but they chalk up quite a few too): So....who else is a fan of two wheels on the Ratsun? Or care to share a story? Or just laugh. Bike is fixed by the way, as are the wounds kinda. Word to the wise: don't dislocate a shoulder, it hurts and stays that way.
  11. Mr.Woof's72z

    Drop Top 'Trollin

    Thanks for the comments guys, actually none of the rest of my fleet are in the pictures. That was taken a little south of me when I went to meet up with some other Datsun guys here in Colorado. Just recently sold my '64 and '65 T-birds, and got rid of my '71 240Z as well, so now just down to an '03 Tacoma, the P-troll, and my first car, '72 240Z. That is another project all together, but SBC 406/T56 combo w/ a 3.54 LSD R200 are waiting to be transplanted...Here's a pic of a T-bird and my '72 Z: Shot at 2007-05-10 Shot at 2012-04-12 If anyone wants more pictures of anything out of the Troll just let me know, I know that I never saw one in person before this one and have only seen a handful for sale in the past few years.
  12. Mr.Woof's72z


    Bahahaha, funny.
  13. Mr.Woof's72z

    Drop Top 'Trollin

    I had posted a few pictures a couple months ago, but I found a '69 Patrol that needed a new home close to me. Well, summer is in full (if not past) swing, and I dropped the doors/sides/roof in favor of some AC au natural. This has been my favorite (sometimes 2nd favorite to my TL1000s) summer vehicle, absolutely loved every minute of it. The P40 engine humps along no problem, 4wd works very well according to some local CO trails, and this guy has been a blast so figure I'd post some more recent pics. Hope all is well at Ratsun! Winter/spring time (heater works great!): Shot at 2012-04-12 Summer time: Shot at 2012-08-27 I am still learning about this beast, but if there is ever a closer knit family of car people moreso than Datsun lovers...it's Patrol lovers. Hooray!
  14. Mr.Woof's72z

    '72 Z wheel fitment

    Thanks for the reply! I figured +33 was too much, and no way in hell would I use wheel spacers, those things are scary.
  15. Mr.Woof's72z

    Oil Of Choice?

    VR-1 in my L engines, always. High ZDDP, will be running it in my small block chevy as well. Royal purple for lubes/fluids, VR-1 for oils.

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